Our theme this year is “We go deep together”. The deep part has been accomplished! We have drilled deeper and faster in ice to reach bedrock than anytime previously. Our accomplishments this year show that the RAID drilling system can do what we thought it could do. That’s very gratifying. But even with the right equipment, we could not have pulled off a successful season without the hard work and dedication of the RAID team we assembled. It is a hand-picked group of highly skilled people and above all they are a delight to work with. We did it together.

Here is the 2019-2020 RAID project team —

John Goodge
Thor Hall
Jay Johnson
Don Kirkpatrick
Owen Little
Dave Lundberg
Ray Martin
Chris Peone
Rebecca Ricards
Jeff Severinghaus
Shawntel Stapleton
Delia Tosi
AJ Vecchiarelli
The whole RAID team at Minna Bluff. From L to R: Hailey, Dave, Shawntel, Jeff, Chris, Thor, Terry, Jay, AJ, Delia, Martha, John and Joey.

Photos by John Goodge, Chris Peone and Rebecca Ricards.

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