Affiliated Groups

Our partner organizations

NSF Sponsor

Office of Polar Programs
National Science Foundation

Alexandria, Virginia
Contact: Mike Jackson, Program Officer
The RAID project is funded by the NSF.

Ice Drilling Program

Dartmouth College
Hanover, New Hampshire
Contact: Mary Albert, Executive Director
We share technologies, expertise and personnel.

Matrix Drilling Products

Lewisburg, Tennessee
Contact: Chris Delahunty, Engineer
Matrix provides design, engineering and fabrication support.

Timberline Drilling, Inc.

Hayden, Idaho
ontact: Julian Collins, Executive Commercial Manager
Timberline provides field drilling expertise and staff.

COLDEX project

Oregon State University (lead organization)
Corvallis, Oregon
Contact: Danielle Whittaker, Managing Director
RAID supports the goals of the COLDEX program.

RAID is supported by the National Science Foundation