Affiliated Groups

Our partner organizations

NSF Sponsor

Office of Polar Programs
National Science Foundation

Alexandria, Virginia
Contact: Mike Jackson, Program Officer
The RAID project is funded by the NSF.


Matrix Drilling Products

Lewisburg, Tennessee
Contact: Chris Delahunty, Engineer
Matrix provides design, engineering and fabrication support.

FPS Hydraulics Pneumatics

Fluid Power Solutions
Port Nelson, New Zealand
Contact: Owen Little, Engineer
FPS provides hydraulic systems support.

Timberline Drilling, Inc.

Hayden, Idaho
Contact: Julian Collins, Executive Commercial Manager
Timberline provides field drilling expertise and staff.

Scientific Support

United States Antarctic Program Logo

US Antarctic Program
NSF Office of Polar Programs
Alexandria, Virginia
USAP provides logistics and operational support in the field.

Ice Drilling Program
Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire
and University of Wisconsin, Madison
Contacts: Mary Albert, Executive Director
and Kristina Slawny, Director of Operations
We share technologies, expertise and personnel. 
Science Partners

COLDEX project

Oregon State University (lead organization)
Corvallis, Oregon
Contact: Danielle Whittaker, Managing Director
RAID supports the goals of the COLDEX program.